Upcoming Posts

Welcome to the 3rd version of this site.  We’ll see if it gets further than the other two.  A list of subjects to be covered, Deo Volente, in the upcoming months:

  1. Latin
  2. Ancient Greek
  3. Logic & Informal Fallacies
  4. Critical Argumentation
  5. The Historic Reformed Doctrine of Preservation vs the modern Rationalistic Warfieldian view
  6. The Trivium & Quadrivium
  7. Improving the Memory
  8. Presuppositional Apologetics

Over the next few days I’ll outline some ideas for future posts.

Occasionally I’ll put polls here on the front page as well.


The past week I’ve spent upgrading this blog and preparing for some upcoming posts.  The posts will generally be categorized under one of the following sections:

  1. Formal Logic
  2. Informal Fallacies
  3. Argumentation
  4. Apologetics
  5. Improving the Mind
  6. Latin & Greek

I will subdivided each section into further sub-sections.  But all of them are geared towards improving the mind.  While many sites exists on the subject of mental self-improvement, I haven’t seen that many that cover it from a Christian perspective.  Even less that cover it from a Reformed perspective.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post some foundation articles under the 6 main sections and then explore each subject in greater detail.  I plan to cover in greater detail the following subjects:

  1. The Theology of Argument
  2. Why Is Critical Thinking Necessary for Christians?
  3. What is Logic and Why Should We Use It?
  4. What Are Fallacies?
  5. Recognizing and Undoing Fallacies – (Categories of Fallacies and Critical Questions)
  6. Recognizing and Refuting Arbitrariness
  7. Recognizing and Refuting Inconsistencies
  8. Euthyphro’s Dilemma Refuted
  9. The Problem of Evil
  10. Self-Deception
  11. The Four Most Common Epistemological Mistakes  (Say that 5 times fast.)
  12. Analysis of Worldviews
  13. Analyzing Liberal Media
  14. Improving the Mind (General & Particular Suggestions)
  15. Neutrality Doesn’t Exist

If you suggestions for categories to cover besides the basic 6, or if you have a particular subject you want covered, feel free to comment.


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