The Starting Point

After some thought it has occurred to me that the best place to start is not with logic, argument analysis, apologetics, Latin, Greek, etc., but with memory improvement.  Perhaps this seems an odd place to begin, so allow me to explain why memory first.  I would hope in reading this blog you are hoping to learn something new or something useful.  That is my hope anyways.  But what good does it do to read about logic, read about the various categories of informal fallacies, or even read about worldview analysis if you cannot later use what you have read when needed?  The bridge to this gap is our memory and its improvement.

Perhaps you’ve had a memory improvement course in the past and promptly forgot it.  I know I have.  So why would anything posted here be any different?  Because throughout the posts on this site, regardless of the subject, I will be referencing the memory techniques that will be covered here in much the same way as 19th century science writers referenced Euclid’s Elements (see James Clerk Maxwell’s Theory of Heat for one such example.)  I hope to add more color to the techniques by referencing historic memory texts such as Sir Isaac Watt’s Improvement of the Mind, the systems of such people as Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, & Giordano Bruno,  emblem books and their use in memory techniques, use of memory techniques by Christians during the scholastic period up to the Reformation, and many other areas of interest.

Each post on Memory Improvement will be under the category of the same name.  Each post covering memory improvement will have a tag describing what it covers.  Following are some example tags:  memory-general, memory-The Dominic Method, memory-method of loci.  Posts in other categories that make mention of the memory techniques discussed on this site will have in their tag section one of the previously mentioned tags.

So what to expect in future posts that are memory related?  Some history on the memory techniques of the Scholastic period through the Renaissance, a covering of the traditional memory techniques and some new techniques, integration into daily life of the said techniques, application to the memorization of key terms and processes in logic, critical argumentation, textual criticism, apologetics, etc., improvement of the mind overall by memory techniques and similar exercises.


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