Biblical Thinker is a site to help train the mind to think from a distinctively Christian worldview in all areas of life. How we view politics, science, medicine, ethics, morality, et al should ultimately be guided by Scripture. In our day we are beset from every side with bad reasoning put forth as solid argument. As in the days of Aristotle, sophistry abounds. Through posts, discussion, critical analysis of events in the news, podcasts, and videos, this site’s purpose is to provide the tools to refute the modern day sophists, silence the skeptics, and provide a little levity in the face of bad reasoning.

Doctrinal Standards

As an organization, we subscribe to the Reformed Theology tradition expressed in The London Baptist Confession of Faith, The Westminster Standards, and The Three Forms of Unity.

Affirmed that Presuppositional Apologetics is the clearest expression of Biblical Apologetics.

Affirmed that Postmillenial Eschatology is the clearest expression of eschatology as found in the Bible.

Affirmed that Theonomy is Biblical.

Affirmed that the Textus Receptus of the Greek New Testament & the Daniel Bomberg edition of the Hebrew Testament are authoritative and are the documents the framers of the Westminster & London Baptist Confession of Faith had in mind when framing Chapter 1 On Holy Scriptures.  The Critical Text is to be rejected as spurious and the rationalistic methods of modern textual criticism, being autonomous, are also to be rejected.


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