Presuppositional Apologetics

Dr. Greg Bahnsen (September 17, 1948 – December 11, 1995)

Greg BahnsenThe following links are a course given by the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen to soon-to-be college students.  The course is very well done and gives a person the necessary basics for defending the Christian faith against all attackers. The course is entitled, Basic Training for Defending the Faith.

Perhaps Dr. Bahnsen’s best known debate is the the one which occurred with Dr. Gordon Stein.  The audio and the debate transcript in PDF format is available:

Dr. Bahnsen has also debated Edward Tabash & George Smith.  The audios are available here:

Many of the late Dr. Bahnsen’s articles dealing with a variety of subjects can be found online at Covenant Media Foundation.  You will also find at this site the articles which comprise Dr. Bahnsen’s book Always Ready.  And in the list of articles is this gem,  Sample Questions for Presbytery Apologetics Exam. They also sell in MP3, CD, and flash drive format all of the available lecture series by Dr. Greg Bahnsen.  As this site progress I hope to provide reviews of each of his major apologetic series.  However, though they host much of Dr. Bahnsen’s materials, they are part of the Federal Vision heresy.  So beware of their newer offerings.

For those interested, I have also provided a copy of Dr. Bahnsen’s Doctoral Dissertation, which Dr. Stein mentions during the debate, entitled:  The Apologetic Implications of Self-Deception.  It is a worthwhile read on the subject of self-deception which we all suffer from due to the fall.

Presuppostitional Apologetics:  Stated & Defended

Dr. Greg Bahnsen Publisher’s note: What once was lost, now is found! Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen, the definitive champion of Cornelius Van Til’s revolutionary Reformed apologetical method, wrote this systematic treatise and defense of Biblical apologetics many years before his untimely death. Dr. Bahnsen received the typeset proofs for editing, but due to the unfortunate accidents of history the only copy was lost. The work, consequently, was never published.

In the Lord’s Providence, after some twenty years, Covenant Media Foundation discovered the lost proofs. They recently sent them to American Vision where their enthusiastic editors busily began preparing the work for publication. Finally, their work has paid off!

This magnum opus of apologetics lays out the Biblical presuppositional method, provides rigorous Biblical proof, and defends the uniqueness of the method. This is the work we all longed for Bahnsen to write, yet never knew that he already had written it! Now rescued from the dustbin of history, this monument of apologetics will provide must-reading for Christian defenders of the faith for generations to come.

“This book is an important part of the historical record. It is authentic Bahnsen, vintage Bahnsen. It displays brilliantly his intellectual gifts and his devotion to the Lordship of Christ in all areas of life. Despite my differences with Bahnsen, I revere him yet today as a great blessing of God to the church and as one of the most brilliant apologists I have known. He seeks to set forth the comprehensive lordship of Christ over the human mind as over everything else, and he does that effectively. In that goal we should all be in agreement, and we should seek Bahnsen’s help to become more consistent in our commitment to the Lord. So I commend this book to all who seek to think God’s thoughts after him.”
—Dr. John M. Frame, J. D. Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings & Analysis

Dr. Greg Bahnsen “Best of Van Til under one cover” Bahnsen’s exposition and Interaction with critics of Van Til”

“This is the late Dr. Bahnsen’s testament to today’s defenders of the truth. It is an encyclopedic synthesis of the thought of Cornelius Van Til, who was arguably the most original apologist of the twentieth century. In the grand tradition of the Sentences of the fathers, this study will be a standard for years to come.”


“. . . You must have this book, if you are serious about trying to understand Van Til’s thought.”


“It is most welcome … to have this massive volume of readings and analysis of [Van Til’s] publications by his former student and a first-rate thinker in his own right.… This book will be of great benefit to mature theological students who wish to engage secular and other pagan ideologies in contemporary society.”


“Bahnsen does a masterful job of systematizing the central themes in Van Til’s thought and follows them with carefully selected passages from Van Til’s books, essays, syllabuses, articles, lectures and so on.”

Dr. Cornelius Van Til (May 3, 1895 – April 17, 1987)

Cornelius Van TilDr. Cornelius Van Til laid the foundation for what has come to be known as Presuppositional Apologetics.  While not a debater like his protege Dr. Bahnsen, Dr. Van Til provided us with a large volume of written literature.  Of course being a philosopher first much of his material is misunderstood even by those calling themselves presuppositionalists.  The best exposition of Dr. Van Til’s thought can be found in Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s Van Til’s Apologetic:  Readings & Analysis.

The following sites provide the most complete collections of Dr. Van Til’s work available online.  I recommend starting with his audio lectures first.  There are 78 audios available at Sermon Audio.  However, I have linked to this series on Philosophy and Apologetics.  Regrettably some of them are of diminished audio quality.

Cornelius Van Til:  Philosophy & Apologetics Lecture Series

These two sites provide much of his written work:

Vantil.info is a no thrills and rather plain site.  But it has a vast collection.

Presuppositionalism 101 offers more of Van Til’s writings and also has a selection of other audios by Dr. Van Til as well as Dr. Bahnsen, Dr. Frame, and a few others.  A worthwhile site for Presuppositional Apologetic resources.


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