This site is still being built.  Over the next few weeks the pages on the sidebar menu starting with “Suggested Reading” will be under development.  Most of the links you see to the right will be moved to this sidebar menu.  Check back throughout the next few weeks to see what has been added.

What you can expect on this site:

I hope to provide a place that outlines Critical Thinking & Structured Analysis that will be useful to all and in particular a help to fellow Christians.

  • Some of the features on this site will be:
  • Reviews of books, lectures, & videos
  • Links to lectures, books, & videos
  • Mini-courses on logic, critical thinking, memory improvement, & presuppositional apologetics

A list of subjects to be covered as the site progresses:

  1. Latin
  2. Ancient Greek
  3. Logic & Informal Fallacies
  4. Critical Argumentation
  5. The Historic Reformed Doctrine of Preservation vs the modern Rationalistic Warfieldian view
  6. The Trivium & Quadrivium
  7. Improving the Memory
  8. Presuppositional Apologetics

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